Le génie logiciel à votre service pour des applications et sites webs personnalisés - le tout conforme aux normes de l'industries.


Nos collaborateurs de longue date chez Q'Straint on su compter sur notre expérience depuis les 8 dernières années pour leur fournir une gamme complète de services en génie logiciel et de conception web.

Type de projet:Web Site

Principales caractéristiques

  • Outil de gestion des produits
  • Outil Mobile de creation de rapports TSR
  • Outil Mobile pour commande de materiaux
  • Programme d'évaluation via accès privé
  • Optimisation pour engins de recherche
  • Plus de 30 cultures
  • Gestionnaire de contenu Libre Source


  • jQuery
  • Wordpress
  • Javascript / AJAX
  • iPhone
  • Joomla
  • MySQL

Témoignage du client

To whom it may concern,
My company manufacturers Wheelchair Occupant Securement Solutions for the transportation industry, selling in over 45 countries. It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for KAMICODE, Inc. as I have been working with their team on a continual basis since January of 2008. With the help of KAMICODE I now have a new Joomla!-based international website and Drupal intranet customized for our different markets and product segments. They have created a simple, easy to use website on the surface that is backed by a massive database that is surprisingly easy to manage. Thanks to their work, we can now easily create new products and product categories, decide which regions to market to internationally, associate products with customized kits and publish with just a few mouse clicks. KAMICODE's programming has brought more intuitiveness to our online tools (website and mobile apps) and has made it simpler for our customers to get the information they want. KAMICODE has also created many specialized custom coding solutions never seen before on the web that puts us ahead of our competition. I initially started with KAMICODE strictly for programming purposes, and now rely on them for most of my website management as well – which currently includes 7 regions, 8 different language translations and more than 15,000 content articles and growing. In short, I trust them completely. It is difficult to find companies that will do whatever it takes to make the job happen, and stand behind and support what they create. In working with KAMICODE, you will quickly realize that this is an effective company with creativity and integrity.

Patrick Girardin
Q’STRAINT - ISO 9000 Registered Quality System