Work with professionals who care about your success.

Requirements Gathering & Analysis

Clear requirements, clear expectations
With the help of our experienced facilitator, you will leverage our methods and established application development processes to validate the final requirements before we move on to the development phase.

Visuals and Design

Compelling and immersive User experiences
Our Lead Designer will propose high quality, WCAG 2.0 AA compliant, feature-rich designs that provide great user experiences while remaining faithful to your unique corporate identity.

Full stack application development

State-of-the-art deliverables
Our experienced and passionate application engineers will implement your project using the best tool for the job - C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and many more.

Long-term support and training

Reliability is our strong suit
We believe that custom websites and application are only as good as their documentation. With this in mind, all our deliveries come with staff training, extensive documentation and long term support agreements.

Development Services

Website Development Website Development

We offer standard-compliant websites with immersive user experiences, open-source technologies and long term support.

Mobile App Development Mobile Development (iOS and Android)

We offer a full stack mobile development services - from Native iOS and Android apps to framework powered apps.

Desktop application development Desktop application development

We offer a full stack desktop application development services - from Native OSX and Windows apps to framework powered apps (JAVA, Apache FLEX).

Translation and Localization Internationalization and Localization
kamiCode specializes in culture aware multi-lingual content integration fo your favorite CMS, using the industry's standard il8n and l10n procedures.
Support Plans Support Plans
As your company evolves, so must your website. If your site is not powered by a Content Management System (CMS) or if you need to outsource your content integration, we can integrate your updates with a short turn around and guaranteed compatibility with all major browsers while ensuring search engine compliance.
Mobile-first responsive design Mobile-first responsive design
Mobile web browsing is an increasing trend - a convenient, fast and portable access to the web. We make your website mobile compliant so that it will properly render on all major mobile platforms, including iPhone, Blackberry and Android.
Dedicated & Cloud Hosting Dedicated Hosting
For heavy duty or specialized hosting, kamiCode offers you a dedicated hosting service in which your business can lease an entire server that is not shared with any other entity.
Internet marketing tools Internet marketing tools
We can assist in creating various IM tools to assist your marketing efforts,
Website Upgrades Website Upgrades
Technology and standards on the web evolve daily. It may take anywhere from 6 months to 3 years for your website to be technologically outdated. If your website requires updated web technology, our techniques and approach will insure your website is still relevant and up-to-date for years to come.
Onsite SEO Onsite SEO
Onsite Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures the proper indexation of your web pages by search engines crawlers of Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Onsite SEO lays the foundation for success as your website ranks higher in major search engines.
WCAG 2.0 AA WCAG 2.0 AA compliance
Our deliveries include if required up to WCAG 2.0 AA compliance (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0) on all websites and apps.
Analytics Analytics
Web analytics quantifies audience reach measurement through the collection, analysis and reporting of traffic data. When compared against Key Performance Indicators (KPI), it supplies tremendous insight into your potential clients and market's web usage and navigation.


KAMICODE's extensive knowledge in programming best practices, coupled with its Rapid Application Development methodology, allows application to be written much faster and makes it more flexible to changes in requirements. Furthermore, the adoption of today's best programming paradigms provides our clients with flexible and durable code, separating business logic from the visuals and the database.

Joomla! Joomla!®
kamiCode prides itself in its in-depth knowledge and development innovations of the award-winning Joomla-based CMS templates and components with over 100 custom Joomla! extensions developed so far and counting.
Drupal Drupal
Drupal is the CMS of choice for Enterprise level websites and web applications.
Laravel Laravel
kamiCode uses Laravel as it's preferred MVC framework - it gracefully provides programmers with the architecture and tools they need to insure your custom web application remains flexible and reliable in the long run.
Wordpress Wordpress
For your personal or business blogging needs, kamiCode encourages its clients to use Wordpress' blog platform. WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform that focuses on aesthetics, web standards, and usability - free yet priceless.
Magento Magento
kamiCode offers the integration of your business in Magento, the open-source ecommerce platform. Being a feature-rich solution out-of-the-box, Magento is ideal for any merchant that is looking to start selling online.
Django Django

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

SmartFox Server SmartFox Server
SmartFoxServer is a massive multiplayer platform for building games, MMO communities, virtual worlds, realtime multiplayer and a lot more...
Unity 3D Unity 3D

Develop once, publish everywhere! Unity is the ultimate tool for video game development, architectural visualizations, and interactive media installations.

Apache Flex Apache Flex

Originally developped by Adobe, Apache Flex is a powerful application framework that allows developers to easily build mobile applications for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS, as well as traditional applications for the browser and the desktop using the same programming model, the same tool, and the same code base.

Version Control Version Control

All our codebase resides in version control (and so should yours). We use GitHub, SVN, SourceSafe and PerForce.



kamiCode's extensive PHP web development experience grants our clients an extensive array of Open source Content Management Systems (OS), custom web applications and scripts that stand the test of time.


As your business grows, so will your online needs - kamiCode's expertise provides you with support outside your website code base such as automated backups, CRON jobs, cPanel, Plesk, htaccess, linux administration.

With over 15 years of HTML experience, kamiCode has traversed all web design trends and compliances. Now offering content rich HTML4 and XTML tableless web design, our HTML5 readiness will ensure your website remains relevant and competitive for years to come.
Javascript / AJAX Javascript / AJAX
kamiCode's prefered front end technology - Asyncronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) - brings life to your website by manipulating interactivity and releasing its Web 2.0 potential.
kamiCode's extensive Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) use ensures your website remains renderable through any media format - printers, mobile devices and various output formats. Additionally, our CSS knowledge lets you translate and localize your website at minimal costs and production times.
jQuery jQuery
jQuery is the Web Development industry's preferred "write less, do more" JavaScript library which kamiCode's front end Engineers use to bring your website to life. Used by Google, Bank of America, Digg and many others major players, jQuery's CSS3 compliancy will set the norm for years to come.
MySQL/MariaDB My SQL and MariaDB
kamiCode's database engineering team provides you with long lasting, efficient 3rd Normal Form compliant MySQL databases. Designed to minimize redundancy, our MySQL/MariaDB relational databases operate under heavy loads without data inconsistencies.
SQLite SQLite
SQLite, a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine, allows kamiCode to create tiny databases that run at unbeatable speed for your HTML5 or Adobe AIR applications.
Desjardins Internet Payment Solutions Desjardins Internet Payment Solutions

Advanced solutions

  • Fast and easy integration
  • Full range of transactions that meet your customers' needs
  • Simplified programming with XML1
ActionScript 3 ActionScript 3

kamiCode offers ActionScript 2 (AS2) and ActionScript 3 (AS3) in any Adobe Flash RIA or Adobe AIR applications.

PayPal PayPal
kamiCode can integrate multi lingual paypal gateways in your Content Management System or your standard HTML web page.
Beanstream Beanstream
kamiCode provides full Beanstream integration for your eCommerce needs and online transactions to allow payment, risk management and authentication services. Beanstream serves more than 8000 businesses and organizations in Canada and the United States.
Moneris Moneris
If your business operates through a Moneris account, kamiCode supports your Moneris online transactions. Moneris processes more than 2.5 billion credit and debit card transactions a year, for over 350,000 merchant locations across North America.
Sage Pay (formerly ProtX) Sage Pay (formerly ProtX)
kamiCode can integrate your Sage Pay (formerly ProtX) UK and Ireland based electronic funds transfers. Sage Pay processes millions of secure payments each month for over 30,000 businesses.
Sencha (ExtJS) Sencha (ExtJS)
By using Sencha (formerly ExtJS), kamiCode offers a professionnal, streamlined look for your Adobe AIR and web applications. Being the JavaScript application development market leader, Sencha lets us build rich, sustainable web applications faster than ever for your business needs.
MooTools MooTools
kamiCode's programmers are well versed in the compact Mootools Javascript library. Our advanced developers can handle your front-end scripting by using this powerful cross-browser framework.
JavascriptMVC JavascriptMVC
JavascriptMVC is the only existing MVC framework for Javascript. With it, kamiCode maintains its MVC architecture for your business' Adobe AIR or web applications.